Vape pen, the most effective tool for enjoying cannabinoids.

The vape pen is our new exclusive and innovative tool to bring you into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Perfectly made to give even more joy from using hemp products, and our unique ones.

Beauty and quality. The Vape Pen

Narzędzie bezkonkurencyjne. Wygodne, dyskretne, piękne. Umożliwiające inhalacje kannabinoidów na nowym poziomie. Wolne od szkodliwych substacji (olej mct, glikol, gliceryna) w jeszcze wyższej trosce o twoje zdrowie.

Feel me
Even better

Reusable battery

Reusable battery

Designed to give joy for a long time, caring for the planet. Without touching, the battery starts working through the flow of air. Don’t look for the button, it’s gone. The LED on the bottom of the battery will inform you about the start of work.



Thanks to the inhalation lasting 3 seconds, we are sure that exactly 2 mg of cannabinoids will get into your lungs. Follow this rule. The “3 second rule” is a very important point, don’t underestimate it.



Capsule, cartridge, mouthpiece, you’ve given me a lot of names. The most important thing, however, is what is inside. Extremely aromatic, natural distillate, the effects of which you will feel from the first inhalation. Remember that it should last exactly 3 seconds from the LED lighting up, not longer, not shorter.

Exact dose of cannabinoids

2 MG

Quantity of doses


All inhaler products are recyclable. Make sure that they go to the appropriate containers.


  • Inhale slowly but firmly, not too hard so that the light turns on. Through the mouthpiece, continuously for 3 seconds
  • 2mg “3 second rule”
  • After 3 seconds, stop inhaling, the battery will turn itself off.

What dosage for what?

  • Stabilization of thought processes 2 inhalations
  • Increase concentration 4 inhalations
  • Entering the world of deep relaxation 6 inhalations

This is a new beginning of a great adventure

From the description you already know me exactly, you know what I am and what I am made of. I would like to get to know you now and show you personally what I can. And I guarantee, once we get to know each other, we will not want to part with each other.