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A revolutionary product that will easily and easily introduce you to the world of CBD vaporization. Elegant dark gray Pen with CBD cartridgem with a concentration of over 50%. Always with you …


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Vape Pen CBD. The revolution on the CBD market

A unique vaporization experience awaits you. Cartridge filled with 50% CBD. Impressive? Certainly the highest on the market. The distillate is entirely natural hemp extract. Additionally enriched with plant terpenes. They work synergistically with cannabinoids and enhance their properties and taste. The full spectrum of cannabinoids available after the first inhalation. And full spectrum means containing such cannabinoids as: CBN, CBG, CBV, all of which together create a unique mixture that works in an unforgettable way from the very first inhalation.


Vaporization, the best way to take CBD:

  • Bioavailability 50/60%
  • Sterility
  • Discretion
  • Elegance


The effects offered by the Vape Pen:

  • An unforgettable sense of peace
  • A race of thoughts is not longer consider as race
  • A dream that has never been so deep and effective

Which vaporizer should you choose?

Some vape pens are composed of mct oil, vitamin “e”, or glycol. Avoid them. Research shows that they are safe to eat products, but when heated, they change their structure and influence on health.

Due to the fact that health is the most important for us, you will not find any of these substances in our Vape. And remember that in this case health is golden …

How to use the vape pen?

Nothing easier – start with 3 inhalations in a row, lasting 2/3 seconds each. After one session, a 15-minute break should be taken. After this time, we perform the next sessions until we achieve the expected results (increased concentration, calming the nerves), or to a specific therapeutic dose. Remember that there is approximately 2 mg of CBD in one breath.

The set includes: CBD cartridge, battery, charger and box.

All products on our website do not exceed the allowed THC level of 0.2%.

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3 reviews for Vape Pen CBD – Shadow Grey

  1. Żanet (verified owner)

    Szybka wysyłka, pięknie i ekskluzywnie wygląda, konkret produkt i super nadaje się na prezent. Polecam

  2. Michalina (verified owner)

    Rewelacyjny produkt. Nie dość, że świetna jakość CDB, to jeszcze pięknie wygląda.

  3. Palko69 (verified owner)

    Polecam każdemu.Fajny smak podczas inhalacji,działanie bardzo dobre,50% cbd

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